Websites For Horse Race Betting

Horse racing is one of the popular sports in the UK. Thus, online horse racing bets are also a very popular medium for earning money. It is also one of the easiest online betting. There are certain reputed websites for online betting over the internet. You can bookmark the pages of the website and play beneficially. The StarLays website provides you good opportunity to earn huge amount of money.

However, not all the horse racing casino websites are trustworthy. Thus, you always need to check certain things before choosing the website.

How to choose the website?

You need to select the website offering the following facilities:

  • The site must offer biggest bonuses
  • They need to offer the best horse racing promotions
  • The best odds should always be guaranteed
  • Price promises should also be there

Any genuine or trustworthy website will offer you all the above-mentioned facilities.

How to watch the race?

You can always watch the horse race for free from anywhere in the UK, France, Ireland, USA and South America. You can watch it on any computing device with internet connection like laptop, mobile phone, desktop, tablet or PC.

Thus, you can also play the games at the utmost comfort of your own home.

You need to bet with the bookmaker offering the best odds and guaranteed promotions. The top bookies always offer the best guaranteed odds with significant returns.

Thus, StarLays is a golden opportunity for you to earn a lot of money by following some very simple steps.

Earn by Lay Betting

There are lots of betting games available online which people play to earn extra cash. Some play for the fun and some play these games seriously to earn maximum profit. Horse betting is the most common betting game that people usually go for. The betting can be done online too. Online platform for horse race betting gives you the opportunity to play anonymously. There are many horse racing tips that you can follow to maximize the probability of your winning.

Some tips that you can follow if you are a beginner in horse betting

  • Go for the best handicapper – lay betting is the safest option to go for in which you have to make the bet on the horse which will not win the game. However, finding this particular horse to bet on is not that easy. You can take help from the handicapper available online which detects the horses based on the trainer, jockey and track. Choose the experienced handicapper to follow the advice.
  • Verify the suggestion – after the handicapper suggestion, it’s your duty to verify the decision made by them. You can check all the possibility of those horses to ensure that the decisions are worth spending money. There are many online predictions done on various online sites where you can check the possibilities of winning the bet.
  • Do trading – doing trading can save you from big losses. If you are about to lose or you don’t feel that the decision taken by you is right, you can trade the horses through online betting sites. Trading horses can save you from huge loss sometimes.

Equine Gestalt Coaching Sessions

Equine Gestalt coaching is gaining more and more popularity in Colorado nowadays due to the fact that it offers a lot of benefits over conventional talk therapies. Equine gestalt coaching involves a horse along with a gestalt who will be talking to you about your problems. There are a lot of horse barns that hold sessions for equine assisted coaching in Grand Junction Colorado where you can go in order to see and feel it for yourself.

The following are a few of the most common benefits that this therapy session provides to you.

  • Unbiased and non judgmental – The first and foremost requirement for any therapy is to ensure that the person assisting you is completely unbiased and will not judge your life decisions and actions in any way. Having horses in close vicinity provides a sense of calmness and mental peace while you will be sharing your problems and the gestalt will ensure that you are provided a safe space where you can discuss your issues freely.
  • Mirroring and feedback – Horses have a few striking qualities that make them suitable for these sessions. They can observe your body language and are sensitive to emotions and body movement. These properties allow the gestalt to draw necessary observations that will help them to understand your problems in a better way and provide appropriate remedy accordingly.
  • Helps to manage vulnerability – People can have problems while opening up to the gestalt about their problem. Horses can help in this issue by being used as an example to mediate the issues openly. Clients can align their issues with that of the horse in order to clearly put forward their issues so that they can be resolved.

An Excellent Guide On Types Of Horse Liveries

Livery stables are those stables, which are owned privately and used by horse owners to keep their horses in return of a monthly or weekly fee. Most of the livery stables offer fresh water, grazing paddocks and stabling for ponies and horses, yet some others come with additional facilities like horse walkers, ménage for schooling, and segregated grazing etc.


Some other livery yards also offer feed and hay for their stable mates by charging an additional cost for the same. This guide will brief you about various types of livery stables.

Types of Livery Stables

  • Grass Livery

These livery yards provide horse owners with a field for keeping their beast. Herein, the horse owner is himself responsible for feeding and care of the horse daily. Such a livery requires horse owner to attend the horse on a daily basis even if feeding is not necessary, in order to ensure that the horse is well.

  • DIY Stabled Livery

This livery provides horse owners with one stable for keeping their horse and a field for turning their pet out during the day. In this type of a livery, the horse owner is responsible for care including turning the horse out to the field, mucking out and feeding the pet on a daily basis.

Hay and bedding are often not included in this livery and need to be bought separately by the horse owner, yet some other liveries offer these items while charging higher price for the stable. Such a stable requires an owner to attend the pet in the morning and evening.

  • Part Livery

This livery is similar to DIY stabled one except that care of horse is partially done by horse owner and partially by livery yard staff. Some stables offer staff during on weekdays, with owner being responsible for horse care on weekends.

Others offer staff care in the mornings with the owner being responsible for horse care in evening. There are few stables offering horse exercises as a part of their service. Such a livery is ideal for owners having inadequate time to attend their horses.

  • Full Livery

In addition to a stable for keeping horse, and field for turning horse out during day, this livery includes feed, hay and bedding. Herein, livery staff is totally responsible for care of horse including turning horse to field, mucking out etc.


Hope this guide will help you in choosing an appropriate stable for your horse.

Make Sure That Your Animal Is Always Safely Transported

While buying and maintaining a horse’s health might seem like an expensive task to begin with, transportation is a new expense that you might have to add to your list, if you frequent competitions or any situations that might require your horse to travel a certain distance and reach a new location. In order to be able to address the comfort and safety issues your horse might encounter, you can get a type of a vehicle that will be perfect to accommodate the animal, which is something buyers who plan to travel long distance with their horses should consider.

Looks can be deceiving

This type of a vehicle should only be sought after from a dealership. While you might find enticing deals proposed by individuals, horseboxes for sale UK might not be the safest choice if purchased without enough detail. While it is true that you will be paying considerably less than you would if you choose to get yours from the dealership, you are in no way protected should anything go wrong. Remember, anyone can sprinkle a little shiny paint on the outside, to trick you into thinking that the entire vehicle is in perfect condition, while the floors might be rotting away without you even noticing until it is too late.

Check everything as thoroughly as you can

If you have to buy horseboxes for sale UK from a dealer, keep in mind that you are allowed to perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle before you decide whether or not you would like to purchase it. You should bring a flashlight and a screwdriver along with you, as you go meet the individual, who will be selling the vehicle to you. Feel free to slide under it, turn on the flashlight and check for any obvious signs of damage. These might be cracks, dents, and you might be able to catch any fuel or oil leaks. In the inside of the vehicle, prod the floor with the screwdriver a couple of times, to test how firm it is, check the basic functions, and if there any lights in the area where the horse should be, check to see if both the interior and exterior lights will come on.