Equine Gestalt Coaching Sessions

Equine Gestalt coaching is gaining more and more popularity in Colorado nowadays due to the fact that it offers a lot of benefits over conventional talk therapies. Equine gestalt coaching involves a horse along with a gestalt who will be talking to you about your problems. There are a lot of horse barns that hold sessions for equine assisted coaching in Grand Junction Colorado where you can go in order to see and feel it for yourself.

The following are a few of the most common benefits that this therapy session provides to you.

  • Unbiased and non judgmental – The first and foremost requirement for any therapy is to ensure that the person assisting you is completely unbiased and will not judge your life decisions and actions in any way. Having horses in close vicinity provides a sense of calmness and mental peace while you will be sharing your problems and the gestalt will ensure that you are provided a safe space where you can discuss your issues freely.
  • Mirroring and feedback – Horses have a few striking qualities that make them suitable for these sessions. They can observe your body language and are sensitive to emotions and body movement. These properties allow the gestalt to draw necessary observations that will help them to understand your problems in a better way and provide appropriate remedy accordingly.
  • Helps to manage vulnerability – People can have problems while opening up to the gestalt about their problem. Horses can help in this issue by being used as an example to mediate the issues openly. Clients can align their issues with that of the horse in order to clearly put forward their issues so that they can be resolved.