An Excellent Guide On Types Of Horse Liveries

Livery stables are those stables, which are owned privately and used by horse owners to keep their horses in return of a monthly or weekly fee. Most of the livery stables offer fresh water, grazing paddocks and stabling for ponies and horses, yet some others come with additional facilities like horse walkers, ménage for schooling, and segregated grazing etc.


Some other livery yards also offer feed and hay for their stable mates by charging an additional cost for the same. This guide will brief you about various types of livery stables.

Types of Livery Stables

  • Grass Livery

These livery yards provide horse owners with a field for keeping their beast. Herein, the horse owner is himself responsible for feeding and care of the horse daily. Such a livery requires horse owner to attend the horse on a daily basis even if feeding is not necessary, in order to ensure that the horse is well.

  • DIY Stabled Livery

This livery provides horse owners with one stable for keeping their horse and a field for turning their pet out during the day. In this type of a livery, the horse owner is responsible for care including turning the horse out to the field, mucking out and feeding the pet on a daily basis.

Hay and bedding are often not included in this livery and need to be bought separately by the horse owner, yet some other liveries offer these items while charging higher price for the stable. Such a stable requires an owner to attend the pet in the morning and evening.

  • Part Livery

This livery is similar to DIY stabled one except that care of horse is partially done by horse owner and partially by livery yard staff. Some stables offer staff during on weekdays, with owner being responsible for horse care on weekends.

Others offer staff care in the mornings with the owner being responsible for horse care in evening. There are few stables offering horse exercises as a part of their service. Such a livery is ideal for owners having inadequate time to attend their horses.

  • Full Livery

In addition to a stable for keeping horse, and field for turning horse out during day, this livery includes feed, hay and bedding. Herein, livery staff is totally responsible for care of horse including turning horse to field, mucking out etc.


Hope this guide will help you in choosing an appropriate stable for your horse.